Tuesday, October 30, 2012

#apt2b and all my people

I've written at length about how important my former Brooklyn roommates are to me. They were my family when B left and I really, really, really needed family. They helped me through some really low points and they partied with me through some really high points. They are brilliant, hilarious, hot and super cool. No matter what happens or how far away they are, I will always love Samantha and Swinnerton.

Having them here Friday for all the final preparations, along with Missy, who has been my friend for most of my adult life, was one of the best things about my wedding. My best friend Justin and his boyfriend William hooked us up with a fancy day at the nicest spa (by far) that I've ever been to. We got wedding manicures and the boys treated me to a much needed facial. Just that week my skin went crazy with breakouts, hives, and extreme puffiness, and I had so much tension in my neck I could barely move. I spent the majority of the day on my phone coordinating things, but this little zen moment in the middle of it helped me step back and refocus on what was actually happening. I've never felt luckier than I did that weekend surrounded by friends and family who love me and support this next step I'm taking in my life. It was nice to feel a little fancy too. Missy took these lovely photos of the day that I can't stop looking at.

After the spa adventure we were feeling really good. We followed it up with lunch at my favorite restaurant/vegan paradise, Spiral Diner. A Spiral tip: always order the hummus and corn chips followed by the blue plate special. A vegan hot dog with quinoa + fixin's and vegan mac n' cheez is not the most clean, zen meal to follow a fancy spa day but it was free of animal products and unbelievably delicious. After the meal, my friends were troopers while I ran all my last minute errands and we slowly waded through Texas/OU weekend Dallas traffic. I took them to SMU, my alma mater, because Sam appreciates a beautiful campus and Swinny appreciates that they have Greer Garson's theater and permanent collection. That night we met up with Sam L., June, Candace, Louis and Meghan -- our closest New York friends who flew in from all over to be there that weekend -- and our best local friends, Wendy, Gregg and Britt, for karaoke. As I think back over that day, it all seems like a blur of driving, laughing and scream singing. I don't know if I soaked it in enough and appreciated everyone there enough. I keep reaching back into the recesses of my mind to pull out little memories of Sam singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart," Missy laughing till she snorts, and how happy Louis and Meghan looked. Did June sing? Did Wendy meet everyone? I wish I could always remember every detail of it. Please forgive my not-so-lovely random iPhone shots of the day. These are little moments I don't want to forget.


  1. I'm so happy it all came together and you were surrounded by love and oh, so happy. You deserve it! <3