Wednesday, October 31, 2012

So in love.

While we wait for Missy's pictures of our wedding to come in (she took SO many, I can't imagine how overwhelmed she is right now), here are my favorite shots taken by me and my friends.

This was my friend June and her husband's first American wedding, and I think they were surprised by how informal it was. She said this shot perfectly summed up our wedding, and we did get a lot of other comments about Taso's shoes (mostly people thinking I lost that battle). Personally, I love that he wore a crisp pair of Nike SBs -- his shoe of choice as long as I've known him. It was more important to me that the day be personal and comfortable than anything else. We also thought his outfit had kind of a Tenenbaum vibe, which is appropriate.

My friend/usher Robin had the task of getting Polaroids of all our guests for our photo guest book. I love, love, love this shot of us. Me in a cardigan, Taso with a Mt. Dew in hand, looking super happy.

We snuck a couple shots on the elevator up to our hotel room at the end of the night. These may always be my favorite wedding pictures.


  1. Love the elevator shots. I can't think of any picture of John & I from our wedding that I just love. So glad you captured your own! <3