Wednesday, October 24, 2012

the way it should always be forever

The rehearsal dinner and few days surrounding my wedding were shared with my favorite people on earth. They came together from New York, Utah, Michigan, St. Louis, Austin and right here in DFW and filled my world with more happiness, laughter and love than I probably deserve. This is my heaven, all I could ever ask for in life. Most of these pictures were taken by the talented Missy Allen, that little peach holding the camera in the first shot.

Thursday I picked Missy, Swinny and Sam (#apt2b mates) up from the airport. We settled in and then headed to Fort Worth for a Tex-Mex patio rehearsal dinner (DFW only offers so much, I have to show off what I can). The New Yorkers quickly learned how much highway driving this state demands. I should also mention that I rented a Ford Expedition for the weekend so I could cart all my people around and it was like driving a school bus on a power trip. At first I hated it and then I hated myself for how much I loved it.

At dinner we met up with my best friends and family. It's sad that our busy daily lives keep us from seeing each other very often. I think my life would be so much richer if I made a point of hugging Justin weekly.

My best friend Gregg performed our wedding ceremony and I love him a little bit... if you can't tell.

After dinner I made everyone go to an obnoxious country bar just so I could see Swinnerton make this face when she saw Reba's dress. 


  1. Love these. Excited to see the rest of the weekend!!

  2. So chic in that Hello-Holiday dress! And I LOVE Joe T's. When you initially said "a Tex-Mex patio" my mind immediately went to Joe T's, and my tummy wanted some. Mmm, yum!