Monday, November 12, 2012

Jardin du Luxembourg and marrying Walter Matthau

Our first day in Paris we walked till our legs gave out. I wanted to see every inch of the city on foot, though I think, in the end, we only made it through a couple arrondissements. The highlight of day one was walking through the Luxembourg Gardens, my knowledge of which had previously been almost entirely drawn from Les Miserables. They were absolutely breathtaking in person! The trees were turning beautiful fall colors, but the flowers and plants were still alive with the colors of summer. 

I told Taso all I knew about the gardens (not much) and we watched French school children running laps along the gravel paths (even their gym clothes are chic). It was a beautiful day, and I was happy to sit and take it all in while my old man napped in the fading sunshine. Remember on The New Girl when Jess admits Walter Matthau is her perfect man and she could be girl Jack Lemmon, and then we realize that Nick is totally her grumpy old man soulmate? That moment is 100% Brittan and Taso, and I couldn't be happier.

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