Monday, November 19, 2012

some personal favorites

the little moments that made me fall in love.
 le metro signs are a perfect example of little details making all the difference. just like the colored dots with letters and numbers on a stark black background are a universal signifier that you have arrived in new york, these beautiful signs welcomed me, both physically and and mentally, to paris.
 it rained almost the entire time we were there and it could not have been more romantic.
 clean lines and architectural details from every angle, even from bed on a lazy, rainy morning.
 winning at parenting and a dog walking another dog (for real).
 olives and rose petals and pretty glasses.
 every single apartment building.
window displays that demand you enter the store. (i actually ordered some of these long before i knew i was going to paris. they adorned the cake table at our wedding.)
 drug store finds. this was actually undrinkable, but it's the one i took a picture of -- go figure. i went into every pharmacie in paris (taso can confirm that i'm not exaggerating) hunting for (but rarely buying) fancy shampoos, lotions and treats. 
 this. over and over and over, everywhere you look.
learning to avoid the champs-élysées like one avoids times square.
 falling in love with montmartre, like every other person who has ever been. i took this picture for my mom, who has a weakness for little lambs the way some of us do for kittens, but has no interest in going to paris.
pouring through film books we couldn't even read.
 spying the eiffel tower from far away (silly american me assumed it would be visible from all over the city like it is in pictures) and paris at night. PARIS AT NIGHT.

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