Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Want to see some Paris pictures?

How about some happy honeymoon reflection?
Giddy and anxious at the airport, FaceTiming with B (okay, Nonny) and taking pictures of the sweet addition to my ring. We didn't eat that day and took Melatonin on the flight, and it worked! We completely avoided jet lag and Brittan's infamous anxiety. I highly recommend this method.
Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport
Riding Le Metro for the first time (sorry about this picture, Taso) and finding a bowl of macarons in our apartment (I may have eaten "one" already). We stayed in a beautiful apartment in Montparnasse, one block away from Agnès Varda's home and studio (on her beloved Rue Daguerre). It was perfect. I could feel the history of the French New Wave in the air, the cobblestone and the cafés.
My first attempt at speaking French was a success! I managed to get us fed and hydrated! I'm going to do an entire post about the food (no, really), but I can say that our first meal sealed the deal. I was ready to throw in the low carb towel forever and just stay in France eating bread every day. What a beautiful way of life, not rushing, not counting calories, not skipping the bread, not feeling guilty.

We just did a little exploring that first day. I didn't want to bring our big camera and document everything. Instead I took it in with all my senses and whipped out my phone for a quick snap when I saw something I liked. Here are some of those little snapshots from our first venture out into the city, if you're interested.

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  1. Both of my comments are cat related:
    A) You Facetimed the cat. I will never let you live that down
    B) Tell me those adorable statues de chat were for sale and you brought home one or five