Saturday, March 23, 2013

"I'm a what?!"

B turned 11 on Thursday. If you're not familiar with Harry Potter (who are you even?), this is the year when young wizards are brought to Hogwarts to hone their craft. B woke up to his owl (thanks, Candace!) and Hogwarts acceptance letter -- he doesn't know this yet, but they're a precursor to his party next weekend. Thursday is a busy day for us, so he ate a quick breakfast of eggs over medium that he made for himself, and we rushed to school in our usual hurry. We brought him lunch at school, but most of our visit was dominated by a particularly loud friend of his who joined us. I brought cupcakes to his class at the end of the day, and he was unusually happy to be the center of attention as his class sang their special birthday song, and he got to ask his friends if they would like chocolate or vanilla. He's an introvert and usually shies away from any attention, but he was excited that it was finally his turn to celebrate with his class. 
He came home from school to two big birthday presents -- a full size piano (which he's been needing for a long time, now that he's playing classical) and a card telling him that his best friend in the whole world/long distance bro Jaren is coming from Salt Lake for his party next weekend! He was so happy when he figured out the card (my grandma printed a map of the country with a little plane flying from Utah to Texas) that he couldn't hold back tears. Jare and B were inseparable from the time they were toddlers until Jare moved away when they were five. B spent birthdays 6, 7, and 8 in Utah with his bud, but it's now been years since they've seen each other in person. If you're not familiar with their movie, STAR WARS: EPISODE ZERO, you can watch it here.

Thursday night B had four hours of band practice, so any further celebration had to wait. 

This morning we picked back up with a late breakfast, just the two of us, at our favorite coffee house. B Instagrammed these pictures of his cinnamon cruller and fancy hot chocolate because that is what you do now days, I guess. 

Tonight we ate ourselves silly at Greek Isles. Gus made shrimp just for B and he blew out candles on a giant tray of baklava and ice cream. It was a great day for this little wizard, and there's still more to come.

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