Saturday, April 6, 2013

B + Jare Reunion 2013

B and Jaren have been friends since before they were two. Jare was there for pretty much every fun thing we did in B's early years, and there was a time when we spent practically all of our weekends together. When his family moved away (including his mom, my dear friend Katie), it was a sad time around these parts. Every year following, B would ask for the same thing for his birthday, a trip to visit Jaren in Utah, so that's what we did for three years, and we were lucky enough to have him come visit us one summer as well. Then things got hectic, we lived in New York and the visits slowed down. The distance made this reunion even sweeter, and the dudes seemed to pick up right where they left off (just after these awkward first pictures in which B is about to jump out of his skin).
 On Day 1 I picked B up early from school so we could get Jare from the airport and take him to lunch. They were so psyched and a little nervous to be together again, but they quickly realized that they like all the same video games and music, and they wanted to come straight home from lunch and play. The evening was spent at School of Rock. B had band practice and Jare got to come along and jam a little bit. It was clear that first night that they would be perfectly happy staring at screens and talking about the band they want to start all weekend. When I finally got them to settle down for bed, there was at least a solid hour of whispering and giggling.

It's like they speak a different language now, made up of gaming and sports words that I don't know. It was strange, but nice to step back and let them have their space. I'm pretty much over being sad about B growing up (finally), and am adjusting as best I can to friends being his primary interest and motivation. At least with Jaren, I know he's in good hands. Their dynamic is the same as it was when they were little, B is the quiet over-thinker, Jare is the outgoing and friendly leader. Together they're both creative and a bit dramatic. Once B's nerves and excitement calmed a bit, he was back to being cool, and they fell right back into their easy friendship. It was cute to watch. I have so many pictures to share, so the next couple posts are probably going to be a picture dump. Also, I had to wait a week to post these because the week after Jaren left was hard. Things are okay now, as long as we get him back before too long.

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