Monday, May 13, 2013


With my kitchen still buried under dirty dishes and every surface covered in a thin layer of Butter Beer, the boys and I decided to go out for breakfast. They had giant cinnamon rolls, breakfast tacos and hot chocolate. Jaren tried a shot of carbonated water and wasn't sure how he felt about it. I found a picture of them when they were two years old, and realized how little they've changed. Katie (Jaren's mom) even pointed out that they still have the same hair cuts! I sure do miss their little toddler cuddles sometimes.

We did Easter baskets and went over to Taso's parents' house for Easter dinner and dessert, but most of their day was spent playing outside, talking in secret, and enjoying their last day together.
Happy faces, sweaty from playing football, chocolate milk and extra whipped cream. All signs of a great vacation.

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