Wednesday, May 15, 2013


For the last 10 years, Gregg -- ever the drama queen -- has been telling me that he would never make it to 30. Well, not only did he make it, but he celebrated with me and Justin, his friends for the last decade. We can never really predict where life is going to take us -- especially in our twenties -- but we can pick out people to take the ride with us, and hold on to them as tightly as we can for as long as we can. For his 30th birthday he had a small party, and we all dressed up (I wore a dress my grandma made for my mom in the 80s, complete with shoulder pads and purple sparkles) and ate rainbow cake. At the end of the night we sent off 30 paper lanterns, one for every year that has shaped my dear friend, with memories and wishes for the future. It was perfect. I look back on our friendship with gratitude that I have a memory for every year of Gregg's twenties, and that he's still here with me and Justin, the same funny, dramatic, loyal, great dancer he's always been.