Friday, May 31, 2013


Last week was hard. B had a stomach virus that I spent the week cleaning up after, and that kept us both up all night for several nights. On top of that he had strep throat (yes, at the same time) and had to get a huge shot of penicillin in his leg, as the oral medicine would just make the vomiting worse. He has not yet learned to handle such afflictions gracefully, so the week wore on with whining and moaning and increasingly shortened nerves as the sleep deprivation set in. I have had nearly a week to recover, and I think I finally felt normal again yesterday.

I wrote a loooong, free form draft early in the week and didn't publish it. When I read it again today, it was clear that I'm feeling worlds better. I guess I just needed to get it out, but I'm glad I didn't post it. 

Things have been kind of rough, what with the long, slow, painful job search, and the dragging on of professional projects that just aren't picking up steam like I hoped. But things aren't bad. There is a lot of excitement with B finishing up elementary school (plus a little heartache on both our parts), and getting ready for his upcoming punk shows. We've had some fun with Field Day and class parties. B played Rockstravaganza, a big show in Deep Ellum featuring all the School of Rock bands. He played some Minor Threat, which was cool. 
You can laugh at this if you want, but I'm kind of excited for his 5th grade graduation. Finishing elementary school feels like such a huge accomplishment! I made him the raddest photo book of all his school years thus far as a "graduation" present. If anyone deserves it, it's this kid. For better or worse (worse usually being hyper-criticism of himself and extreme emotions), he worked his butt off, made A Honor Roll year after year, tested into countless GT programs, got put in Manhattan's super-competitive GT program without even having to test, and had to start over at new schools way too many times. He has earned a chance to be recognized and celebrated, if you ask his super-humble, unbiased mom.

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